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The taste of our sommelier …


Generally I like smoke whisky, which ripens in sherry barrels. Such a whisky is my favorite 15-year-old Springbank. The combination of smoke, fruit and light salinity is absolutely excellent.

A selection of our whiskies


Old Pulteney 12y/o (Highland)

Aromas of sea and seaweed, the palate is slightly salty with hints of sherry and nuts, the finish is clean, oily and very inviting.


Springbank 10y/o (Campbeltown)

Aroma is citrus and peaty, taste is citrus and smoky, interesting finish.

180 Kč

Nikka Super Revival

Combines Nikka and Yoichi whiskies matured in sherry casks.
186 Kč

North British 10y/o 2007 – Murray McDavid

Vanilla, oak, white chocolate and a nutty finish.

198 Kč

Teeling Single Malt

Sherry, port, madeira, cabernet sauvignon and a Rwandan white 5 casks in a bottle.

160 Kč

Amrut Fusion 50% – 97 b.

in Whisky Bible
The first impression is massive, smoky and peaty, with vanilla notes

180 Kč

For full details of our extensive whisky range, please contact the bar staff. As it is not in our power to keep a current list of whiskies currently on offer, you cannot find it on our website. The bar offers over 450 whisky brands from all over the world.

Come and taste

Whiskeria bar is an ideal place, where you can meet your friends and taste a wide range not only a Scotch whisky.

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