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Ladies Whisky Club




Ladies Whisky Club

The club was founded by whisky lover Mirka Kverkova, who has been in the world of whisky for more than 13 years, and would like to introduce the world of whisky to women.

Mirka lived for a year and a half in Campbeltown Scotland, which used to be the “world capital of whisky” with 30 distilleries.  At that time whisky told her nothing.  After returning to the Czech Republic she started to work in the company Fous Spirits, which deals with the import and sale of whisky.  She began to build a relationship with the noble distillate very slowly  She tasted the first whisky three months after starting work and did not taste it!  Gradually learning more about production and tasting, she found it absolutely excellent.  Since then, she has visited many distilleries in Scotland.  She even graduated from the whisky school at the famous Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay.

 As a big fan of whisky, she  came across a barrier that, as a woman she cannot become a full member of any Czech whisky club.  They are exclusively for men.  Abroad, women’s whisky clubs are common so Mirka decided to set up a club for ladies in our country for this extraordinary drink.

The Lady’s Whisky Club gives women a umique opportunity to meet others with the same passion.  All are welcome, whatever their knowledge (or none)of whisky, who are interested in broadening their horizons.

Ladies evenings are informal in a stylish setting with guided tastings.  It is a very pleasant and uniquely feminine occasion.  As well as the Whiskeria Bar in Jindrisska Tower, members meet at various festivals and events associated with whisky and other spirits throughout the Czech Republic, so interested parties from all over the Czech Republic can join.  As the Scots say – “Slainthe Mhath”.

Ladies, do not be afraid to drink whisky.  Give it a chance and whisky will reward you with a lifelong friendship.


How to become a club member?

It’s easy. All information can be found on the club website on Facebook, where you can register for the next scheduled tasting. You will be welcome.

Where to find us
Whiskeria Bar – Jindřišská věž
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